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Every time I started, to create videos or to launch my website I used to apply this concept and always hit a wall.

The wall would put me down and make me stay there for days, even months.

I want to share this foolish concept with you today so that…

4 things to do to stay productive even on the go

Everytime I had to go out shopping with Rashmi or go for a walk with Jia or be away from my desk, I used to feel I was not being productive. …

Do this and Success is inevitable..

Hey! Here is a question for you..

If the key to success is consistent action, would you like to take complicated or simple action?

I asked this to my clients and their response was another question…

What is a complicated action or simple action?

This was my response to it…

The most underrated software for coaches

As a coach I knew making videos, producing content is a key part of my business and for years I struggled with creating videos. I have used several softwares and nothing worked.

I have found the ONE, the Neo of video creation….and it’s freeeee.!!! Isn’t that crazy?

So before I…

In the past this has always stopped me from my potential.

I know that running Facebook ads is not my specialty and still I have attempted to run them and lost money in the process. Now, I don’t like to run ads in the past.

As you can see, this…

That annoying voice in the head… (do you have it too?)

In the past, every time I went out to meet friends or go shopping I would very easily feel agitated.

There was this constant ringing voice in the head saying to me, “Chinmai, you have things to do”.


Chinmai Swamy

I teach you how to ETHICALLY get HIGH TICKET coaching CLIENTS in 10 Days

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