That Annoying Voice In The Head

That annoying voice in the head… (do you have it too?)

In the past, every time I went out to meet friends or go shopping I would very easily feel agitated.

There was this constant ringing voice in the head saying to me, “Chinmai, you have things to do”.

This would repeat.

That thought would soon become frustrations or a trigger point for anything that could set me up towards feeling agitated and stressed.

If you ever felt the same way here is an excellent strategy for you.

So here’s how I overcame that it just takes five minutes to get it done.

Take a piece of paper or you can just use your Google Keep app on your phone.

List down all the open cycles you have.

What is an open cycle?

It is any task or project you have started and not completed there is a clear distinction with tasks or project you have thought off and not started yet they are not open cycles you have to only focus on tasks and projects you have started but not completed

Once you have that list it frees up your mind.

That’s the beauty when you have this list in front of you, you can take a look at it and schedule them.

If it’s in your head it just creates these negative anxieties and it doesn’t make you feel great hence it always keeps bothering you.

It can spoil an amazing evening.

Remember you want to have a lifestyle which allows you to be the master of your own income, have a virtual coaching business.

When you have a business there will always be things to get done.

There will always be important things however lifestyle is the LIFE — the family, the relationship, the health.

And, spending time with kids is the most amazing and most important part of having a lifestyle.

Hence, you should not and cannot let open cycles unfinished businesses tasks from your business stop you from having the life you so dearly want and you’re working so hard to create it.

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